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Enjoy the following quiz list. Look at the bottom of your screen at the [status bar] to read an extra description of the quiz!

          M E N U                          D E S C R I P T I O N

Easy English For 9ème and Common Core
Phrasal Verbs Lots of links with lots of choices.
Phrasal Verbs Fill in the blanks with words from the list.
General Knowledge Test your General Knowledge with this funny quiz.
Comparatives Quiz Choose the correct form and spelling of the appropriate comparative.
What's The Question? e.g: I am sixteen years old. ==> How old are you?
What Tense? Choose the appropriate tense for the verbs in brackets.
Prepositions! Fill in the gaps with the appropriate preposition from the list.
Moving Pictures Read and answer the questions about the text.
Functions Asking for Opinion and Preference & responding!
Questionnaire Answer questions about you, and your daily activities.
Suffixes What do you call an expert in Zoology ?! A noun forming suffixes quiz!
Prefixes A multiple choice quiz about "prefixes with adjectives".
Opposites Quiz Choose the correct opposite of the adjective given!
Family Tree John's wife is his daughter's mother...
Parts of speech Choose the corresponding part of speech from the list.
Vocabulary Quiz Choose the appropriate word from the list to fill in the blanks.
Opposite Finder A search programme for opposites in English,e.g: Just write "Good" to be given Bad.
Passive Voice Rewrite the shown sentences beginning with the words given.
Family (2)! Ali and Fatima are the grandparents.So they have got grandchildren, see how ?!
Family Again! He is his son's simple as that!
Plural Finder Drop down an irregular noun and click for its plural...Practical, no?!
Tense Quiz What tense are the sentences. Choose from a list.
Irregular Verbs You don't know the past and past participle of an irregular verb?! just try this!
Reading quiz A short text to read and some questions to answer! It may be a challenge..
Poetic Riddle A poem apart that leads you to a riddle I hope you'll "see" it..
Compu-Chat Chat with your computer in a way both of you enjoy the session!
Spelling Quiz Choose the correct spelling..
What is the question What question for that "answer" ?!..
Nationalities What nationaly is someone from this or that Country?! Not easy !!!!
Professions What's my job? Guess!The image on the left may tell you!
Professions (2) What do I do? Try to guess! The image on the left may help!
People What am I? Choose the appropriate answer from the list!
Interactive Quizzes Here is a place where all sorts of quizzes can be found!
English Quizzes Here is another place where you can find more challenging quizzes!
Web Jargon What does http,for instance stand for?
Language Fun An invitation to a language "party"..More than ten links. Enjoy your stay!
Bienvenue It's a page where you are welcome to surf the language web!
View them all All the pages you summon come up to you on your operating page!
Present Continuous Choose the appropriate sentence for each picture!
English Class All that you need to review your English course!
التخلف These pages are in Arabic if you are interested!  !و للعربية موقع أيضا

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