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*For 2nd Year Bac. Sciences Maths

    Bac Quiz (1)

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  1. If I get a debt from the bank, I'll ________ a small workshop.
    a. turn back
    b. let down
    c. set up

  2. It's quite _______ to drink too much coffee everyday.
    a. immoral
    b. safe
    c. unhealthy

  3. Lazy students always waste time, ________ hardworking ones revise their lessons regularly.
    a. although
    b. whereas
    c. despite

  4. Our parents seem to have more __________ than we have.
    a. experience
    b. experiments
    c. owe

  5. Banks should help young promoters ________ their own businesses.
    a. turn down
    b. set up
    c. let down

  6. _______his serious illness, Rachid still goes to school everyday.
    a. moreover
    b. in spite of
    c. although

  7. Driss doesn't revise his lessons, he likes to play football _______
    a. whereas
    b. besides
    c. instead

  8. We _______ the discovery of gravitation law to Isaac Newton.
    a. owe
    b. debt
    c. set up

  9. He is a reliable person. he will never ________ you down.
    a. turn
    b. put
    c. let

  10. The Army ______ him down because he was not tall enough.
    a. turned
    b. put
    c. let

  11. Laboratories are the most suitable places for _________ .
    a. experiences
    b. experiments
    c. expediations

  12. If I pay my ______, I will have no money left.
    a. debt
    b. experience
    c. owe

  13. Sdudents often _________ difficult words up in the dictionary.
    a. turn
    b. let
    c. look

  14. Most adult people are looking _________ to visiting "Mecca".
    a. after
    b. forward
    c. at

  15. Thanks to genes, children generally __________ their parents.
    a. take after
    b. look after
    c. put after