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Noun-forming suffixes

What do you call:

  1. an expert in physics?
    01.    A physicist
  2. someone who works in the field of science?
    02.    A scientist
  3. a scientist who extracts metals from their ores?
    03.    A metallurgist
  4. a scientist who works in agronomy?
    04.    An agronomist
  5. an expert in chemistry?
    05.    A chemist
  6. an expert in mathematics?
    06.    A mathematician
  7. a doctor in biology?
    07.    A biologist
  8. a doctor concerned with children and their diseases?
    08.    A pediatrician
  9. a doctor who treats teeth?
    09.    A dentist
  10. One who deals with eyes?
    10.    An optician
  11. An expert in food consumption and dietetics?
    11.    A dietician / dietitian
  12. One who specializes in veterinary medicine?
    12.    A veterinarian
  13. An expert in the biological science of animals?
    13.    A zoologist
  14. A doctor who uses chemotherapy in the treatment of diseases?
    14.    A chemotherapist
  15. an expert in drugs, their composition, uses and effects?  (drug : medicine)
    15.    A pharmacologist
  16. one who is trained in pharmacy (a druggist)?
    16.    A pharmacist
  17. one who is an expert in economics?
    17.    An economist
  18. A medical doctor who treats patients' illnesses?
    18.    A physician
  19. An expert in poisons and the treatment of poisoning?
    19.    A toxicologist
  20. Someone who works in the field of electricity?
    20.    An electrician

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