Passive Voice

  1. Rewrite these sentences with the words given.

    1. They have broken the window pane.
      (1).The window pane has been broken
    2. Someone is cooking a meal in the kitchen.
      (2).A meal is being cooked in the kitchen.
    3. They will ask us several questions.
      (3).We will be asked several questions.
    4. The yellow car ran over the cat.
      (4).The cat was run over by the yellow car.
    5. The students must do the homework.
      (5).The homework must be done (by the students).
    6. Some people were stealing the TV set.
      (6).The TV set was being stolen.
    7. She handed the guests some tea.
      (7).The guests were handed some tea.
    8. The students are doing the exercises.
      (8).The exercises were being done (by the students).
    9. Those boys have been rearing the kittens for a long time.
      (9).The kittens have been being reared by those boys for a long time.
    10. The dog might have eaten your meal.
      (10).Your meal might have been eaten by the dog.
    11. The patient ought to take the medicine everyday.
      (11).The medicine ought to be taken by the patient everyday.
    12. You have to practice English regularly.
      (12).English ought to be practiced regularly.
    13. The wind slams the door.
      (13).The door is slammed by the wind.

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