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The E.F.L Seven Dimensions!

It is, now and here, arguable that one cannot be in two places at the same time. Place and time are two parts of something we generally call life. They make one. For instance you cannot belong to the Atlantis world and live now. Atlantis was "then" and "Then" is not "now". Atlantis which used to be "there" belongs to "then" so Atlantis has nothing to do with "now". "Now" and "Then" are as distinct as "here" and "there". I am "here" "now"; but I was "there" "then". "Here" and "Now" versus "there" and "then". These two pairs always go hand in hand for the same person by the diktat of human nature. However, suppose certain "you" else, for example your copy, was living there else. This “you” else cannot normally be "there" now but then. Thus the combination of (You joining “You” now) is tough for the brain to absorb. If you just can slide through a black hole, you may meet “You” to see what “you” look like when you aren't yourself. This is only true for ideas. I mean abstract things! To illustrate this, imagine you are here and your heart and all of your thinking are there. In this case the theory is a hundred per cent valid. This has nothing to do with travelling in time. It is a matter of your pure choices, feelings, and emotions. In a word, your thoughts. When you are daydreaming, you are surely experiencing the ride to meet your copy by sliding through the black hole. Intellectually speaking, learning methods differ in perception. The method which works with one is not forcibly applicable for everybody. Each learner chooses the vehicle that seems the most suitable to take the risk to go for the first ‘contact’ with his or her “copy”.

Try and slide through the E.F.L black hole, you might, senselessly speaking, go where you aren’t but your thoughts, likes and choices are. Enjoy surfing, navigating or voyaging to another dimension where the virtual ‘you’ is and whom you’re going to meet for the first time, perhaps. Make sure you know how to come back again.

Click to try one of the 7 dimentions to go where you might meet yourself :

One of the Dimentions One of the Dimentions
Another Dimention Another Dimention
A Third Dimention A Third Dimention

A Fourth One

A Fourth One
A Fifth One A Fifth One
A Sixth Dimention A Sixth Dimention
A Seventh Dimention A Seventh Dimention